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Unleash your wild side in Amazonica Restaurant

The Amazonian tribe celebrates Mother Earth with a feast worthy of a warrior. Every night our hunters venture to the sea and the jungle, bringing the best seafood and prime cuts of meat and take them from the coals to your table.

USDA Prime Steak

Top quality cuts of meat and incredible culinary experiences at your table.

Accompanied by Latin American specialties with vegetarian dishes brought directly from the Amazon.

Seafood Bar

Our best trip for those who wish to offer their palate and delight in the best of the ocean.

This five-course feast includes all the cuts of meat and specialties of the tribe.


Close your eyes and think of flavors from another land, juicy meats that are sealed in the heat of the embers and seafood cooked with ancient techniques born in a place where nature extends beyond imagination. Amazonica Tulum is a magical place, full of mysticism that you cannot miss.


Mario BR
Mario BR
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We want to highly recommend Amazonica Restaurant

A super spectacular place, from the entrance until you leave they make you feel very special, they welcome you to the tribe, and from that moment you are part of it, the attention, the smiles of all those who make the experience of eating in the jungle, with lots of excellent food, Raúl our waiter, created an unforgettable night for us, attention to detail, it is fascinating to see how they cook you in front of your table, and finally a place where there are no surprises in the account. The food is abundant and delicious, but the service is unique, you definitely have to know this place is out of the ordinary in Tulum, !!! I really felt part of his tribe!! Thanks!!!!
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We were surprised to see how beautiful and harmonious it is

The food is exquisite, my boyfriend and I don't eat meat but that night we made an exception, we loved the picaña, the chapulines pizza with chicatanas super Deli... the service by the staff is 10 but Captain Victor made us fall in love with your attention and essence... thanks for the courtesies, we will definitely come back, hopefully next time we can enjoy the show!! Visit Amazonica Restaurant Tulum!!!
Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz
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Incredible people attend

The Amazonica Tulum Restaurant is incredible, a nice and quiet space, good mix of music cocktails pretty good. They served me all what I ordered

Lots of food, very hungry Miss Yicel attended us, she was very attentive and very friendly at all times, in the same way as her partner, Raul.